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Adult Fantasies Spank - Free videos for It Could Happen! - Scene 4 Real girls get severely punished and have their bottoms spanked


Adult Fantasies Spank

Miss Panettiere is the minister s wife at Sarah s church. On the weekend retreat that they are on, Sarah is acting up in all sorts of ways. At the dance she is being inappropriate with her moves and clothes she wears. Her cursing is out of control and her behavior lately is not to be desired. Miss Panettiere has told her she has needed to be spanked for a long time. Well, now it is time. She will give Sarah the long overdue spanking to turn this disrespectful brat into a proper lady. Even as a nurturing mother figure to Sarah, she can still deliver a sound spanking that will make quite an impression. Daddy is very upset when his daughter Orias is lying to his face about being at cheer practice. Little does she know that he showed up to the game to find her not there. Orias is spanked and paddled by daddy for lying to him and for hanging out with the boy she was told not to see. Sarah is not too happy when her girlfriend would rather read a book than have sex. They have a discipline agreement between them, so Sarah shows Leila what ignoring her gets her. A hard bare bottom spanking and strapping. You don t want to miss this hot spanking in the nude! Headmaster Rogers has had it with Sarah s disrespectful attitude in class. He calls for her to come to his office and gives this naughty student a bare bottom spanking and paddling. Sarah specifically tells her roommate, Ten, not to snoop around in her room. Ten is very curious and thinks Sarah is hiding something. Ten is stunned to find a drawer filled with spanking toys. Sarah shows Ten just what these toys are used for to teach her a lesson in snooping. Candle Boxxx has three squirting orgasms in this super HOT spanking film!!! Candle and Sarah finally met at Fetish Con 2012 after being fans of each other for some time. Sarah knew that Candle was more into the porn side of fetish and wanted to shoot a video that included some more erotic girl-girl action. Who better to do this with than super hot and sexy Candle? Right away they had great sexual chemistry. After some kissing and touching, they got right to business. Sarah spanked Candle, Candle spanked Sarah, then while Candle uses her Hitachi, she is spanked to squirting orgasm, THREE TIMES!!! It s the company Christmas Party and employees, Melody and Angel are no where to be found. When Sarah finds them in a hotel room getting it on instead doing their jobs she spanks them. They are spanked hard by hand, hairbrush, and crop. Amelia Jane has been cast as the leading role, Kate, in her school s musical production of Kiss Me Kate. Her boyfriend, John, is playing opposite of her in the show, He keeps threatening her that on opening night he is going to give her a REAL spanking in the scene where she gets spanked. Amelia is so nervous, She asks her roommate Sarah what it will be like and Sarah offers to show her. Amelia didn t know what she was in for, and that was a very sore red spanked bottom. I think she will be ready for opening night now. Sarah Gregory plays Madame Gregorie, a psychic who just happens to give a very bad reading, which the client takes offense to, and he decides that this psychic needs to have a bottom as red as her face will be when she sees she is wrong about her predictions... IF she is wrong about her predictions! Sarah Gregory is sent to stay with Miss Kane for a week to learn how to be a proper young lady. She is a very rude and sassy young girl who is repeatedly kicked out of School. After her time with Miss Kane she sure learns the hard way that she needs to be respectful and willing to learn. Lesson #1 is how a young lady should drink her tea. This is Sarah s first full age play video. It s pledge week and Leila is a freshman. Unfortunately she is the only one who is caught by the police streaking through campus during pledge week. Daddy is not to happy to get called in on this one. He drives her home naked with only a towel and tells her she won t want be running around naked anymore when he is done turning her bottom a bright shade of red.

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adult fantasies spank


adult fantasies spank

From: Amateur District
Starring: Kyra Steele, Kati

Free videos for It Could Happen! - Scene 4 Real girls get severely punished and have their bottoms spanked

Free videos for It Could Happen! - Scene 4 Real girls get severely punished and have their bottoms spanked

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